Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay

Spectacular scenery, with a backdrop of the rugged Hajar Mountains contrasting with the perfect calm of the Sea of Oman, is simply out of this world. 

We fully recognise that the best holidays are about recharging depleted reserves of vitality; however, Six Senses Zighy Bay provides rather more than reviving days of sunshine and relaxation. Leading sleep expert Dr Michael Breus led a team that examined every aspect of the best possible night’s sleep, and then developed a programme at Six Senses that’s as soothingly comfortable as it is naturally nourishing.

In the 82 stone walled villas, the handmade mattresses include 100% natural materials, while there’s an incredible diversity of organic pillows – including air-filled and water-base choices – shaped to suit every kind of weary posture.

During your waking hours, the ‘Eat With Six Senses’ holistic approach to food offers mouthwatering, healthy meals made with organic produce sourced from the Zighy garden and a nearby farm. Under a fresh approach underscored by the Six Senses Integrated Wellness philosophy, chefs and gardeners collaborate to make sure the menu includes only organically grown ingredients. Junk like flavour enhancers, lectins and refined sugars are jettisoned, while lactose- and gluten-free dishes are the mainstream norm. The pick of the freshest, sustainable daily catch comes from the fishermen of Zighy village.

It is a sanctuary of ultimate well-being with added exhilaration – if you want it – coming in the form of a range of Experiences. Having just been there ourselves, we can vouch for the fact that it’s a refuge for mind and body with lasting effects for weeks afterwards.

At A Glance…

  • Located on Oman’s northern Musandam Peninsula, a scenic 120-minute journey from Dubai.
  • The Chaica’s Club for children 4 to 10 offers a wealth of activities including snorkelling, water polo, tennis, crab hunting and educational activities.
  • Village-style accommodation and all villas have their own personal sand garden with an outdoor patio and private pool.
  • The resort also has an active environmental program, following the universal commitment of the Six Senses group.
  • Extensive wine cellar and a choice of restaurants or enjoy the privacy of an in-villa barbecue with your own chef.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • The most unique arrival to any resort – paraglide in from the top of Zighy Mountain!!
  • Enjoy sundowners at ‘Sense on the Edge’ the resort’s signature hilltop restaurant with spectacular views over the Gulf of Oman.
  • Spectacular diving and snorkelling as well as a number of land based activities from hiking to rock climbing.
  • Try Omani hand line fishing – with your own catch cooked to your liking and served in your choice of restaurant.
  • Superb spa and wellness concepts including healthy dining, yoga and expert in-house therapists.

For more details on Oman and to start planning your own adventure contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.