Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

They don’t actually ban children from Sri Lanka’s tranquil Santani resort. But let’s put it this way: unless your offspring aged 12 or over are all set for total relaxation and well treatments, with a digital detox thrown in, they might not appreciate this incredible place as much as you undoubtedly will.

Everything here is about sustainability and rejuvenation, up in the Sri Lankan mountains. You can stay here and forego the wellness treatments. But why would you, when Santani custom-builds a rebalancing stay for each individual based on yoga, relaxation, sleep and good eating habits.

This last aspect is unique to Santani, and revolves around the six tastes of the island concept of rasa haya – the half-dozen key neutral foods that sort out all those cravings for junk that dominate our daily lives.

Just being in one of the 16 spacious, minimally-designed rooms with their indulgent beds and incredible views is enough to soothe away any stress. There are no TVs and wi-fi isn’t included for free.

They’re built on stilts some 2000ft above sea level, with the breeze gently billowing all around them. So there’s no need for air-con. As a consequence, Santani uses 30% of the energy needed to power a conventional resort; no clatter, no whirring, no fake dryness.

It’s the only place like it on the whole of Sri Lanka; a boutique hotel with loads of luxury endorsements for its wellness holidays and the vast underground spa with its natural coolness. And, seriously, there won’t be any whining kids…

At A Glance…

  • Santani is the first and only purpose-built wellness resort in Sri Lanka.
  • 16 stand-alone elevated rooms with stunning views of the mountains, creating Santani’s setting.
  • Santani is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘in harmony with’ – the belief that sustainable wellness begins by bringing oneself into balance with nature.
  • At the open-air pavilion guests can enjoy biodynamic wine and fresh juices.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • An amazing health retreat with a minimalistic design.
  • None of the rooms feature televisions, allowing guests to totally unplug and unwind.
  • With bespoke menus and personalised meals, Santani can offer raw food, vegetarian and vegan diets according to guest requirements.
  • Total relaxation, high above paddy fields and lush valleys.

For more details on Santani Wellness Resort & Spa and to start planning your relaxing getaway contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.