Miavana, Madagascar

We think you’ll be hard-pushed to find a tropical island getaway more instantly relaxing than Miavana, the beautiful new enclave on Nosy Ankao. Never heard of it? That’s not surprising. It’s one of five tiny islands in a tight little archipelago clinging to the north-east coast of Madagascar, and you can only get there by helicopter from the mainland.

So, as you can imagine, this is super-exclusive, with a mere 14 villas spaced out surveying the seaboard, and a relaxed central piazza with a lovely pool, rooftop bar and places to eat when, and if, you feel like being sociable.

Otherwise, we’ll bet you’ll be enjoying the beach of immaculate white sand, the crystal-clear sea for swimming or snorkelling, or taking advantage of all the cool private dining options on offer. We love the fantastic beachside pizzeria as a place to drink in epic sunsets.

Once those business and domestic worries back home have faded, there are some wonderful activities available to you and your family. As there’s a large colony of turtles, you’ll have the privilege of observing them up-close, maybe even catching babies from four species being hatched. One of the other islands hosts a globally important nesting site for tens of thousand of terns; the air show they put on is breath-taking. Whale and dolphin watching in the crystal-clear sea lies in one direction while, in the opposite one on the Madagascan mainland, you can trek through nature reserves to encounter lemurs. We’d also say a day’s deep-sea fishing off the coast will stick in the memory for a lifetime.

Miavana has only been open for a year, and was created by the team behind the North Island resort in the Seychelles where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned. So you’ll be among the first to revel in Miavana’s private delights.

At A Glance…

  • Miavana is Madagascar’s first 5 star eco luxury accommodation.
  • A strong awareness for the environment runs through the property, with villas being constructed from local Malagasy stone and recycled materials.
  • To get to here, an international flight to Johannesburg or Antananarivo is required plus a domestic flight then a 30 minute helicopter flight to Miavana.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • The perfect blend of conservation and luxury. A true barefoot luxury experience.
  • An extensive list of activities from whale watching, snorkeling, turtles hatching and helicopter tours.
  • The 14 luxury villas all have direct access to the white sandy beaches and are perfect for watching the Indian Ocean sunset from.

For more details on Miavana and to start planning your own unique adventure contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.