TCS World Travel

We love what TCS has been doing for over 25 years – superb, country-hopping expeditions by private jet. A first class seat all the way as you revel in an eye-opening galaxy of themed destinations. TCS’s seasoned guests are enjoying trips like ‘Lands Of The Midnight Sun’ and ‘Treasures Of Eurasia’ these days. But for your first private jet tour then the globe-trotting ‘Around The World’ expedition is an absolute must, with a truly spectacular itinerary packed with culture and natural wonders yet with a be-winged stretch limo whisking you between each one. From South America across to Australia, then South-east Asia to India, Africa and back again via the Middle East. Nine destinations in a little over three weeks; and no more than 50 people aboard the same spacious aircraft. Your 360 Private Travel partner can advise and arrange absolutely everything for you.

At A Glance…

  • TCS World Travel offers global jet expeditions, regional journeys and custom itineraries. The all-inclusive itineraries have been created by TCS’s experts to link unique cultures, historic sites and natural wonders. You will be travelling with like-minded travellers to delve deep into the heart and soul of a country or region, all by private aircraft.
  • You will be travelling in true luxury, a customised Boeing 757 which has been reconfigured with 52 or 80 seats for the global expeditions and seating for 10 to 28 guests on the regional journeys. You will of course be accompanied by an experienced flight crew as well as expedition staff who will be at your service. The aircraft are able to fly straight to many destinations, including places hard to reach by commercial air, meaning that travel time is reduced which leaves you more time for exploring!
  • Enjoy unique experiences such as special access to galleries and restaurants and sold-out performances. You will be led by the best specialist local guides, some at PHD-level for a truly in-depth experience.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • We love the ‘Around the World’ expedition, the flagship journey of TCS which allows guests to visit several iconic destinations in a single itinerary.
  • The Around the World expedition starts in Orlando where you will meet your fellow guests and expedition leaders at the welcome dinner before embarking on the 25 day adventure exploring 9 destinations. You will then venture to Peru and onto Easter Island where you will visit Rapa Nui National Park before crossing the International Date Line to get a taste of Polynesian culture in Samoa. Next, it’s the Great Barrier Reef followed by the Daintree Rainforest in Australia. Explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia and see the Taj Mahal in India. Search for the Big 5 whilst staying in a luxurious safari lodge in the Serengeti. Discover the Lost City of Petra and enjoy a 4×4 expedition on Wadi Rum. The final stop of this once-in-a-lifetime experience is Marrakech.
  • We love that whilst on the ‘Around the World’ expedition you will be joined by experts of all kinds such as influencers and insiders who really know the destinations you are visiting.

For more details on TCS World Travel and to arrange your ‘Around the World’ trip, contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.