Magic Private Camps

Those jibes that a camel is a horse designed by a committee are really rather mean-spirited, when you consider the stalwart transport services these inelegant, and sometimes grumpy, creatures have been providing for millennia.

You should feel a little respect for the precarious beast with its bandy legs as you mount and it rises, because swaying across the empty desert on one is a privilege. You don’t need horsemanship skills, but you do need to roll with it. Limber up a little first. It’ll never feel exactly comfortable but as long as you relax – and wear long pants and long socks against its coarse hair  – you’ll love gazing over the dunes from your living, breathing vantage point.

Your camel ride will make you look forward to the soothing charms of the tented oasis that Magic Private Camps creates for you in the sands of Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They are established exclusively for you and your friends or family. Or – if you run an adventurous sort of company – great for an inspiring board meeting, ideas lab or bonding week away.

The thick cotton tents house dreamy beds and lovely, Arabic home comforts in hushed tones and weaves to match the natural environment just outside. The resident chef at your very own tented encampment cooks hearty local meals, bursting with Middle Eastern aromas and tastes, with cooling drinks on tap. You could take your own alcohol although the private bathrooms – while beautiful – are traditional and eco-friendly because there’s simply nothing to plumb them into, of course. You should feel drunk on the starry silence of the night anyway!

Everyone in your personal caravan will enjoy the falconry demonstrations laid on for you. And while you won’t wear the gauntlet, you’ll certainly be able to run it, with ski-boards, quadbikes and off-road vehicles for thrills on the dunes. A microlight aircraft flight gives an amazing view of the miles and miles of sun-drenched wilderness. This is the sort of getaway that pushes you in and out of your comfort zone; it’s guaranteed unforgettable.

At A Glance…

  • A unique experience for those of you who love to get off the beaten track and away from tourist trails. Magic Private Camps is a once in a lifetime experience curated for you.
  • Traditional mobile tented camps with true Arabian style throughout that are set up exclusively in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman.
  • We recommend staying at Magic Private Camp for 1 night combined with a longer trip in one of these Arabian countries.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • Many experiences to enjoy depending on where your camp is located. Camel riding and quad biking in Dubai and sand boarding in Oman.
  • The location of your camp is completely up to you – an untouched piece of desert, a beautiful white sand beach or a quiet mountain clearing.
  • A gazebo tent furnished with beautiful local cushions and carpets is set up next to your tent perfect for chilling and enjoying gourmet meals prepared just for you by the chef using local ingredients.

For more details on Magic Private Camps and to start planning your off the beaten track trip contact your 360 Private Travel Consultant.