Corocora Camp, Colombia

You’ll stay on a vast, private working ranch in El Encanto de Guanapalo, which is a long way out in the peaceful countryside near the lush Orinoco river basin. The savannah grasslands support the cattle herds that have long sustained the local llanero culture, and guests enjoy a wonderful tented encampment, simple but luxurious, with delicious local food and traditional music to accompany evening cocktails and a nightly waterside sunset. There’s more wildlife here than even the wildest bits of Botswana, as the region hosts more than 600 bird species and 200 mammals. For pleasure or serious study, you can see lots of them too, including anacondas, monkeys, pink river dolphins and pygmy anteaters the like of which you’ve only seen in books.

At A Glance…

  • Corocora Camp is a 9,000 hectare private reserve in the region of Los Llanos, Colombia. The reserve is home to a diversity of wildlife including deer, capybaras, jaguars, pumas, howley monkeys, giant anteaters, pygmy anteaters and more than 200 bird species.
  • Corocora Camp was designed to offer utmost comfort and service whilst minimising environmental impact. The camp consists of 4 sleeping tents and 1 social tent complete with a sitting and dining area as well as an outdoor terrace – the perfect place for sunbathing and bush dinners.
  • The included experiences at Corocora Camp include nature walks, that are recommended to be done between 5:30 – 10:00 am and 15:00 – 18:00 pm when the sun and heat are low, making the animals more active. With over 200 species of bird, it is a haven for birdwatching! Artisanal fishing is another included experience, learn how to fish caribes, also known as piranahs, which are also a local delicacy in Los Llanos.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • Corocora Camp is extremely sustainable; to minimise the use of plastic bottles guests are provided with refillable glass bottles with water treated by Natura filter.
  • To get the most out of Corocora Camp, we would recommend a 3 night / 4 day itinerary. Day 1 will consist of your journey to the camp followed by a nature walk in search of the local fauna, or partake in one of the camps included experiences. Day 2 starts with riding with a local Ilanero cowboy followed by a 4×4 expedition exploring the more remote areas of the reserve. On day 3, you will spend the morning with Ilanero cowboys experiencing their traditions and conclude the day with a bonfire dinner and live music. The final day will be learning about the conservation initiatives of Corocora before departing.
  • The camp’s chef uses local ingredients and traditional cooking methods to prepare the cuisine, the majority of products are sourced from neighbouring farms and villages.

For more details on Corocora Camp and to start planning your Colombian adventure, contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.