Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast was actually so-called for the windblown bones of whales and seals that once littered this vast stretch of Atlantic coast. It was not, as far as we know, called that because of the skeletons of sailors.

But don’t let that put you off this fantastic chance to experience somewhere very different…

Shipwreck Lodge is an astonishing cluster of super-luxury cabins, rugged but very comfortable chalets hunkered down in the sand dunes so you’ll feel you’re staying right on this mysterious beach. They’re even ship-shaped, and more than shipshape inside, with full-height glass windows and solar power for everything except their crackling wood-burning stoves. The lounge and restaurant are right there in the midst of them.

We love some of the excursions that are on offer, especially the visits to the actual shipwrecks of the Suiderkus and Karimona that give the area its eerie reputation. Inland, you can explore places that most of your friends have never even heard of, such as the Hoanib River delta, Möwe Bay seal colony, and the Skeleton Coast National Park, where you might catch sight of its elusive baboons and brown hyenas. There’s also a fantastic trip just roaming over the seemingly never-ending dunes. After these you’ll be ready for sundowners on the beach as the night descends, and maybe shudder as you imagine being out at sea while the rollers from the Atlantic crash down on the sand in front of you, and the sudden fogs descend. It’s a genuine eye-opener for the bolder traveller who still wants pukka comfort.

It’s also very worthwhile if you support conservation. A good chunk of the funds raised in this coastal, 150,000-hectare tourism ‘concession’ is ploughed straight back into Namibia’s ongoing protection and development of its natural environment. Almost a fifth of the country is preciously guarded in this way.

At A Glance…

  • 10 uniquely designed cabins to reflect the famous shipwrecks that can be found along the vast Skeleton Coast in Namibia.
  • Shipwreck Lodge has been made using 100% sustainable and recycled materials.
  • There are 8 twin/double rooms and 2 family cabins all rising above the sand dunes on elevated platforms.
  • The restaurant and lounge sit in the ‘heart’ of the camp where guests can relax and dine.

Why 360 Loves It…

  • Shipwreck Lodge makes a perfect addition to a self-drive safari and it can also be reached by air, followed by a transfer.
  • Wildlife in the area include the desert-adapted elephant, giraffe, lion, baboon and brown hyenas.
  • Daily excursions including 4×4 trips to the Mowe Bay seal colony and game drives within the Skeleton Coast National Park.
  • There is no light pollution at night making it the perfect place for star gazing.

For more details on Shipwreck Lodge and to start planning your stay somewhere unique contact your 360 Private Travel consultant.