Our thoughts on new kinds of adventures

We want to keep in touch with you and talk about positive signs for travel and holidays once the current challenges are overcome. That’s why we’re sharing our thoughts and good wishes – to stay connected as the world slowly opens up again.

Packing a case and setting off remains something for the future. Meanwhile, everyone at 360 Private Travel is contemplating the world as we will rediscover it. This is testing our collective imagination, as you can imagine, yet we are very positive about it.

There are solutions to get where you want to go. Maintaining a safe and respectful distance doesn’t mean that a relaxed itinerary is impossible. In fact, it’s good practice to give these aspects careful thought as movements gradually gets freer.

Deciding where to go, though, will – we think – call for much greater sensitivity for special environments and natural wonders. Travel will not return to its former, frantic self. The enforced inactivity has given us all time to reconsider, and some new-found respect for the world and for other people does not go amiss.

The legendary American photographer Diane Arbus once said: “My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been” – a sentiment we share completely. But for the future, that may not be bustling city breaks for a while but beautiful retreats that are closer to home but still remote and uplifting. You may decide to choose a discreet private villa with cuisine catered just for you and your small group, and maybe save a stay to a spectacular hotel for a later date.

Arbus’s incredible work and artistry was renowned for respecting marginalised groups, and we need to remember the importance of visitors to remote corners of the world where the sensory pleasures are tempered with the need of the locals to survive.

That’s the sensitivity we’re thinking about at 360. Time away from home has to feel worthwhile.

Can we fly in and consume, or do we need to put something back – to really help the conservation and regrowth efforts – while enjoying the privilege of exotic experiences?

There’s a lot to think about, and most of it is actually very positive. Talk to us about your travel dreams. It will all help inform our thinking for when the lockdown loosens enough to actually set off again…