Octola, Finnish Lapland

Lost in 300 hectares of land in the back of beyond, this Arctic Circle gorgeousness with its pared-back, rustic décor and cinematic windows is at the end of an ambitious journey by snowmobile, helicopter or car. As well as super-relaxing accommodation in just 10 superb suites – and the lovely spa – you’ll be able to try all sorts of activities that won’t harm the environment, including snow-shoeing, downhill skiing, tobogganing, husky-sledding, nature walks on which you can forage (in season) and encounter reindeer (not too close when they’re in season), and catch the Northern Lights. It’s a tranquil, slow-burn getaway, and the tiny on-site shop sells the most fitting sort of memento: thermal underwear.

At A Glance..

  • Experience a private wilderness experience in the heart of Finnish Lapland at Octola – a combination of a modern glass house, rustic wilderness cabin and a private luxury hotel.
  • There are just 10 en-suite bedrooms and your stay includes everything you would need for a true Lapland adventure. Your stay is completely tailor-made so you can do as much or as little as you like.
  • Octola sits in 300 hectares of wilderness reserve, making it the perfect place for those seeking privacy. For an even extra special stay, consider arriving by helicopter or snowmobile

Why 360 Loves It…

  • A stay at Octola can be enjoyed all year round with different experiences to be enjoyed whenever you choose to go!
  • Enjoy Nordic cuisine created by the private chef using only locally sourced ingredients, tailored to guests’ tastes. We love the eight-course North Pole menu that honours the versatile Arctic cuisine.
  • Just some of the wonderful experiences that can be arranged at Octola include private snowmobile trails and cross country skiing. There is even a private reindeer enclosed area so guests can go to pet and feed them whenever they want. For something relaxing, the hand carved wooden sauna is perfect!

For more details on Octola and to start planning your magical Lapland escape, contact your 360 Private Travel Partner.