Dream today… and travel tomorrow

Lockdown is proving to be a time for reflection and taking stock. The glorious spring sunshine is, of course, tempered by concern for the safety of friends and family, and enormous respect for healthcare workers struggling to cope. Yet while the restrictions of present daily life allows plenty of time for contemplation, holiday dreams will probably start to flood into your mind. It’s all set us thinking at 360 – literally, pondering the direction of travel…

So we were interested in a study by Jeroen Nawjin, doctor in Tourism & Transport at Breda in the Netherlands, quoted in Condé Nast Traveller, that found we derive most of our present happiness in the anticipation of a trip that’s to come. Thinking how much we’re going to enjoy something in the future actually makes us start feeling good now.

We can all expect some fundamental changes in how travel is regarded when the current crisis eases. Flying, for example; people may want to fly less, deterred by the crush of airports and packed short-haul flights. So, rather in the way that grazing on throwaway fashion cannot compare to having a single dress or suit handmade, maybe we’ll be yearning for less frequent but more life-changing adventures and immersive holidays. Just the kind of thing, indeed, that your 360 Private Travel Partner can help you plan and finesse. Fewer trips, but much more remarkable and exciting ones that feel – and are – worthwhile.

We think there will be a renewed focus on lessening our environmental impact ‘on the other side’. But against that, it is the responsibility of the sophisticated traveller to consider the benefits of visits on local economies and precious yet impoverished natural habitats. So much vital conservation work goes hand-in-hand with respectful tourism, especially in many of the smaller luxury lodges in unusual countries, with their eager and dedicated local guides. It might be time to make offsetting some carbon part of your passport to these amazing worlds, and we can help you do just that.

Then again, you don’t need to so much as stow an overhead locker to enjoy breathtaking scenery, life-affirming nature and sumptuous hospitality. We can take you to the wilds of Scotland or the wistfulness of the West Country for experiences you never knew you could enjoy so much here in the UK.

Keep dreaming, keep planning, keep a sense of wellbeing and balance, keep talking to us of course… and keep safe.