7Pines Resort, Ibiza

At 360 Private Travel we spend an obscene amount of time researching new and thrilling luxury holiday experiences for our clients. Some old favourites, though, keep their appeal year after year – we just find exceptional ways to enjoy them again. And, so, the brand new 7Pines Resort is our hot tip for enjoying Ibiza all over again in discreet, exclusive, laid-back style…

Bighorn, Revelstoke BC

Bold statements abound at the pinnacle of the travel world where 360 Private Travel operates. But we’re pretty certain there’s no skiing trip anywhere to beat the exhilaration of Canada’s Revelstoke, especially when combined with a stay at Bighorn, one of the world’s most stylish and detail-perfect chalets. The purest of powdery snow is waiting for you…

Castello di Procopio, Umbria

In the intense sunshine of an Umbrian summer, what could be cooler than a historic hilltop castle all to yourself and your family or friends? Certainly, literally nothing could be cooler than being inside its stony sanctum, in one of its eight majestic bedrooms, for that essential mid-afternoon snooze. Or, if you have boundless energy, working off yet another most delicious lunch in its private swimming pool.

Joali, Maldives

The Maldives has been a premier destination for so long that, dare we say it, indifference can set in. Some say there’s not enough to do and that the simple ‘paradise island’ factor is on their been-there/done-that lists. We think, though, Joali goes so far to delight and intrigue you’re bound to adore it; especially if you love to surround yourself with contemporary art.