Bulgari, Dubai

Weighted down with luxury awards as heavy as the onyx and marble that contribute to its signature Italian architecture, Bulgari Dubai has now been open for just over a year. That’s long enough for the true reputation of a super-top-end resort to become apparent. And this stunning island retreat really is everything you could hope for from the most expensive and sophisticated hotel complex in Dubai.

Corocora Camp, Colombia

‘Be prepared for unexpected events’, says Corocora Camp, enigmatically, ‘and arrive with a flexible attitude and an adventurous spirit!’ So you know immediately your trip to the stunning backwoods of Colombia is going to be way out of the ordinary. But where else can you round up cattle on horseback with local ‘llaneros’ (cowboys) or spend your days tracking pumas and jaguars using the latest high-tech cameras?

Alphonse Island, Seychelles

We can’t wait to get out to Alphonse Island, on the outer periphery of the Seychelles where its remoteness really sets it apart from its stablemates dotted in the Indian Ocean just below the equator. But… we’re just holding back until October this year, when Alphonse’s fabulous brace of beach villas open their doors on to the most luxurious and spacious holiday spaces imaginable.

Conrad Algarve, Portugal

Slick, sumptuous, spacious and wonderfully anchored on Portugal’s Atlantic coast at Quinta do Lago; the Conrad Algarve is impressive, for sure. But don’t be fooled by this glittering hotel’s ability to accommodate a big wedding or a major family shindig. The fantastic Wellness programmes offered in the Spa and Health Club set amazing new standards for, as they say, an essential detox or a life re-set. We’ll get you there – all you need to do is yield.

Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

We don’t think we’ve ever seen anything so delightfully soothing as the spa suites on Jumby Bay Island. They face the grand, turquoise sweep of the Caribbean and here you can enjoy massages, treatments and private yoga coaching in a true paradise environment. You can’t fail to relax. But that’s not the only peaceful aspect…

Six Senses Krabey Island, Cambodia

At this wondrous Six Senses location in the blue-green sea off the south Cambodian coast, you have an entire, private 30-acre tropical island at your disposal. But you have to be careful with it. Conservation of the lush vegetation is crucial; that’s why all the island’s drinking water is produced here using sustainable methods, and half a hectare is devoted to an in-house organic farm. The environment means the amazing produce grows like wildfire.