Museum Hotel, Cappadocia

A night in the museum? You probably know the movie of that name. What you may not know is that there’s a magical spot in Turkey where such a fantasy comes to life in vivid splendour. The Museum Hotel in the dramatically rugged Cappadocia region reflects the collecting passion of its founder, whose eclectic taste in antiques means it’s stuffed with artefacts from the Ottoman, Seljuk, Roman and Hittite periods.

Katamama, Bali

We know full well that if our clients are heading for Bali then chilling-out is high on the must-have list. But here’s a beautiful new Seminyak hotel – jangling under the weight of all its recent awards – which has plenty to offer once you start to get restless. Katamama has 57 phenomenal suites within its restful brick-and-wood complex, furnished in cool, handcrafted, traditional and sparing style, and all with amazing king-size beds and views. Downstairs, though, they have super-knowledgeable ‘cultural concierges’ on hand to find you stimulating things to do.

Octola, Finnish Lapland

Let’s be blunt: this may not suit you. It’s fairly chilly and the seclusion is absolute. In fact ‘silence’ is officially listed among Octola’s key attributes. Not deterred, and feeling robust? Grand: you’re going to marvel at the crystalline magic and tingling clean air surrounding this wonderful retreat in the forests of Finnish Lapland …and be amazed at the flavours built up by your personal Nordic chef from locally-foraged ingredients.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

You know that when there’s a house reef on offer then you’re heading somewhere rather special. At the sensational Six Senses Laamu – which is the one and only resort on the dreamy Laamu Atoll in the Maldives – the underwater vista is almost unparalleled, whether you’re deep-diving or snorkelling. On the surface, you might find yourself cruising at dawn or dusk on a traditional dhoni sailing boat, island-hopping to deserted beaches, surfing, sunbathing. Then there’s the resort itself…

Iniala Beach House, Thailand

The Collector’s Villa at Iniala Beach House is, they say, the most luxurious and beautiful three-bedroom villa in the whole of Southern Thailand. A towering claim. Yet, we think, one that stands up. From its golden teak construction to the truly wondrous ceramic courtyard, the exclusive pool with its pillared perimeter to the crystal dining room, and – oh, my – that view… You’ve probably been to Phuket many times, but there’s nowhere like this.

Coworth Park, Ascot, United Kingdom

Our regular clients have enjoyed several astonishing holidays this year, but where to round off the year somewhere comfortable but contrasting? If you’re not on the beach this Christmas or New Year, then we heartily recommend Coworth Park, an English country house near Ascot where the flowing hospitality and beautiful, misty countryside makes a fairytale backdrop to the festive season.