A Nordic Tale of Luxury and Adventure

When you find yourself surrounded by snowy landscapes, the miracle of the Northern Lights and the silence of winter, a blissful sensation washes over you and all your worries seem to effortlessly melt away. Everything is still and you are simply present in the moment. Travel to these incredible environments for a truly soulful experience, where the unique range of activities are ripe for storytelling, and the feeling of warmth that arises makes for an unforgettable stay. Whether you’re seeking solitude, adventure, or connecting with Nature on a deeper level, you’ll find it at these singular Scandinavian retreats, revitalising your zest for life.

Glorious Winter Sun

There is no sweeter escape than to cheat the seasons and chase the sun at balmier destinations. With this purpose in mind, the whole body delights in the healing warmth and simple pleasures of island life that nourishes the soul. 360 has curated six divine properties where you can pamper and fully rejuvenate, with the therapeutic sounds of the ocean within reach. Booking ahead gives you so much to look forward to, so allow yourself the pleasure of indulging instead of hibernating through the winter months.

Chasing the Best Powder

If you’re planning an exceptional ski adventure this winter, look no further. 360 has rounded up the best of the best when it comes to your elevated escape. Nothing compares to pristine mountain air, conquering a never-ending range of slopes for all levels, or taking in the culinary and cultural delights at each destination. Days are well spent with the adrenaline wind-rush of zipping down winding tree-lined runs, moments of blissful spa relaxation, quality après-ski dusk to warm your insides or simply gazing up at the starry night sky. Whether or not you’re an avid skier, time passed at these properties highlights the importance of Wellness and will surely rejuvenate you from head to toe.

Discovering 2022’s New and Wonderful Horizons

Stepping into the newest hotels of the year sparks in every traveller an indescribable buzzing sensation, where your stay is geared towards being one of the first to arrive and experiencing these sublime properties firsthand. The excitement of the staff is palpable as they strive for service excellence by catering to your every whim and paying close attention to detail. As with all things new, they will continually stay on the radar with tailored experiences, improving their offerings from the tried and true, and capturing the thrilling momentum of coming onto the scene for the very first time.

On a Continent of Extremes, Myth and Magic…

For a taste of remoteness, old world charm, and untouched wilderness, look no further than the vast continent of South America. A destination where adventure lurks around every corner, surprising encounters are the norm, and magic awaits for those with eyes wide open. Conservation of wildlife and culture has largely been maintained over huge swathes of land, while Life in many regions has withstood the test of time, offering simplicity and authenticity during your travels. The range of flavourful cuisines are plentiful and distinctive, and by combining all these aspects, one’s innermost explorer is provoked and revealed. Escape the grind, your rituals, and your tried and true; break free from expectation and witness these places and people up close and personal.

Roam in Pure African Wilderness…

Let 360 Private Travel lead you astray into these fascinating worlds that exist in reality and not just within your dreams! One of the most compelling aspects of travel is venturing (and surviving!) the long and meandering journey it takes to arrive, so that time spent at these far-flung locales is all the more valuable. Whether dotted in the middle of the South Pacific, nestled in the Northern outskirts of Iceland, or cradled up in the clouds above, you won’t regret landing at these unforgettable and tantalising properties. One thing they all have in common is their unending respect and enhancement of the surrounding environment. Trust us, it’s well worth every penny and you’ll find it hard to leave…