360 Uncovered – Sally

“Travel is my window to the world. It feeds my soul, body, mind, and brain. Travel for me is freedom and is far more valuable than money will ever be, the moment of living life to the fullest. Life is too short, so travel has truly shaped me. The world is our biggest university and I am blessed to have travelled around it … coincidentally, I married a pilot!

Experience Scotland

Step back in time for an immersive escape up North, offering the much needed seclusion and solitude of Scotland’s bountiful wilderness. Just in time for the autumnal foliage or celebrating the holidays ahead, the authentic properties and warm-hearted locals will charm you at every stop, highlighting their love for tradition and cultural heritage.

Travel as a force for good

We live in an era of popular phrases and ‘sustainable travel’ is one for sure that often feels difficult to reconcile with reality. At 360 Private Travel this troubles us, naturally, and we’re going to do something tangible to make travel a force-for-good in the post-COVID-19 era.

Private Villas

Short hop to a luxury getaway? Rest assured we’ve been putting in the research to uncover wonderful settings and gorgeous accommodation at some stunning properties – all within quick and easy reach. Please carry on reading to reveal these hidden gems available closer to home.