Coworth Park, Ascot, United Kingdom

Our regular clients have enjoyed several astonishing holidays this year, but where to round off the year somewhere comfortable but contrasting? If you’re not on the beach this Christmas or New Year, then we heartily recommend Coworth Park, an English country house near Ascot where the flowing hospitality and beautiful, misty countryside makes a fairytale backdrop to the festive season.

Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs

There are 10 entire countries around this world that are each smaller than the Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. It’d take you months to explore all its 57,000 acres, treading carefully in the homeland of giraffe, elephant and zebra herds, and a big cat population mixing lions, leopards and cheetahs. Even then, if you came back you could do it differently time after time via camels, mountain bikes, on foot or horseback, or simply in the company of Masai locals. But where to stay in the lap of luxury as the sun sets each magical day? Well, let’s see…

Villa La Coste, Provence

We’ve been thinking about places to go for a chilled-out break in the early autumn that boasts uplifting aromas, tastes and vistas. That’s when Villa La Coste stopped us in our holiday-planning tracks. Superlux style in an idyllic South of France setting, where the spa and dining room are equally delectable …and the finest of its suites come with private pools. It even has it’s very own vineyard too. Dive in!

The Lindis, New Zealand’s South Island

Soaring in a glider above the Ahuriri Valley, eagle-like in the spectacular peace above this untouched landscape, is one of the most uplifting experiences you’ll ever have. Running it a close second must be pulling a muscle-bound trout from the crystal-clear waters of the river that snakes through it. Admiring and exploring the multiple vistas on offer at The Lindis lodge is New Zealand at its finest; so it could be your very next trip…

Villa Manzu – Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Different people, different kinds of paradise; are you conflicted over what constitutes the ultimate getaway in wonderful natural surroundings, because family or friends want a specific kind of ‘stunning’ holiday? We know the feeling well. That’s why we absolutely adore Villa Manzu in Guanacaste, one of the loveliest corners of Costa Rica, which is offered exclusively and privately to you and your travelling party. It has all the cosseting idleness or exciting activity you (everyone!) could wish for…

Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka remains one of our all-time favourite destinations for a travel experience that screens out the brashness and frenzy of the western world – somewhere you can truly relax and unwind while being in awe and deep respect of local traditions. And once you stir in a love of infusions such as we all have at 360 Private Travel, well, we’re absolutely determined to go there again to savour the delightful and refreshing Ceylon Tea Trails.