Presenting ‘360’s Ultimate WanderLuxe List’

What we love most about travel is the seemingly endless variety to suit every individual’s tastes. Encompassing adrenaline-fuelled adventure in epic natural settings, culinary feasts for gastronomes, cultural highlights or historical tours to connect us to the past, the transformative aspect of luxury travel is simply undeniable. Surely you already have a few dream destinations that have piqued your interest, and our Ultimate WanderLuxe List aims to add to this growing inventory.

Kicking off 2022 with a positive mindset

January is all about starting off on a clean slate, infusing us with new energy and hope for the year ahead. No doubt you have dreamt about all the destinations that still await your arrival, so now is the perfect opportunity to materialise your travel wishlist for 2022 and beyond! Allow yourself this time to map out your ideal itineraries with your 360 Travel Designer, who will secure accommodation at the most coveted properties and arrange incredible experiences to build your anticipation.

Hopeful Wishes and 360 Reflections for 2022

And just like that, we prepare to turn the page on 2021, a tumultuous yet optimistic year that allowed us to appreciate travel from a more thoughtful vantage point. Whether staying grounded at home and rediscovering our immediate surroundings with a renewed perspective, reuniting with long-lost family and friends, or escaping to exotic shores to rest and replenish, our sense of gratitude and resilience has undoubtedly grown.

Return to Africa

While traversing through its vast ecosystems, from savannas and deserts, to jungles and highlands, the sheer diversity of this continent will spark wonderment and respect for our planet’s natural bounty. There are safaris of every kind to choose from, with each season offering something unique from migratory patterns in the sky, on land and for marine life.

Our Favourite Hotel Openings of 2021

As we come into the last month of 2021, 360 Private Travel is highlighting our absolute favourite hotel openings of the year! Despite revealing themselves during a challenging year, we have no doubt that they will continue to attract incredible clients with their growing reputation, unique aesthetics and destinations, and above all, stellar hospitality.

Picture Perfect Private Islands

The sensation of having a private island completely at the disposal of your beloved entourage is without a doubt, the ultimate idea of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity. Sometimes a travel experience is just so uniquely divine, that no amount of words could ever do it justice, so what are you waiting for, the time has come to take the plunge and arrive for the adventure of a lifetime…