Rascal Voyages

Ahoy! Crazy about diving and snorkelling but want a holiday with gorgeous accommodation and chilled-out ‘barefoot’ luxury? Welcome aboard Rascal, a wonderfully hand-crafted teak ‘Phinisi’ yacht that will gently waft you around the beautiful seas and remote islands of Indonesia. With 15 sets of on-board dive equipment and a divemaster/dive instructor a member of the permanent crew, you simply head overboard to start a journey of natural discovery like nothing else.

Terre Blanche, Provence

The pace and intensity of the modern world makes us all long for a peaceful, beautiful contrast – while still being stimulated. We’ve found something that can’t fail to enchant, while feeding your olfactory senses: a gorgeous hotel complex on a 750-acre rural estate in Provence called Terre Blanche. Views over the ancient countryside are simply breathtaking…but there’s some very special aromas to take in too.

Park Hyatt New York

A new pinnacle – a vantage point right at the very crest of the world’s sexiest city. From here, 59 floors above New York street level, you could book a stay every three months, and see from your super-luxury eerie the stunning display of the trees in Central Park as they turn through the seasons. Nowhere but the Manhattan Sky Suite can be reserved to provide such a heavenly view and such truly palatial accommodation. Have your personal butler mix you a cocktail and slowly, delightfully, drink it all in.

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

It’s never truly a holiday unless everyone gets an oversize dollop of the things they really want. We don’t doubt that when you go to Soneva Fushi you’ll click with its ‘No news, no shoes’ ethos. Exquisite tranquillity, white sand, mouth-watering yet delicate cuisine and numerous ways to unwind around, on, in and under the crystal-clear water. There is plenty to keep even the most boisterous, inquisitive children entertained…

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa

Plant safari: can you imagine that? You’re probably aware of the traditional draw to wide open spaces of southern Africa. But for this odyssey into the wilderness you’ll have the privilege of seeing 100 examples of flora that are endangered among almost 800 local plant species… and that includes incredible examples discovered here and found nowhere else. If you want to see things almost no-one else has – with amazing accommodation on hand, courtesy of Grootbos – you’ll love it.

Myconian Utopia, Mykonos

You know, adventurous as you may feel in general, sometimes you just crave peace, tranquillity, and an enchanting vista of subtly shifting light… without the rigours of long-haul. So, here is Myconian Utopia, a laid back yet luxurious oasis perched on a rocky outcrop in balmy Mykonos. Close to civilisation – the birthplace of civilisation, indeed – but with the sort of seclusion that’ll make you relive your honeymoon.